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PostPosted: Wed Jul 05, 2006 3:20 pm  Reply with quote

Admin Panel - User Admin - Ranks

One of the most for some reason confusing question that is often asked is how to set up ranks and rank images, here i will endeavour to explain.

First off you go to the Rank Administration screen here is where you can add a new rank or edit an existing rank.

Lets say you have only just started then you will only see the admin rank, to create a new one just click add new rank

Adding new rank

First off click the add new rank button.

You are now in the Rank Administration screen where you can add a new rank.

Rank Title:
This is where you add the name of the rank

Set as Special Rank
This is really for rank titles such as moderator or user groups or for banned members etc.

By setting the name as a special rank means that the rank name will not change regardless of how many post they have made or will make.

Minimum Posts:
Sets the minimum amount of posts they have to make before they become that rank.

Rank Image (Relative to phpBB2 root path):
This is where you add the code for the rank you wish to use. You will find all codes that can be used here http://forum.myfreeforum.org/ftopic91.php you can now add your own private ranks see bottom of post to see howtodoit
If you find images you wish to use else where and really are not sure howtodoit then simply add them to a zip file and email them to Admin at myfreeforum@myfreeforum.org
stating the name you wish the ranks to be called

So howtodoit:?:

Lets say you wish your ranks to be

premiership,championship,1st division,2nd division,3rd division,conference,non league

So it might look like this the number being the post counts.
champions league,1000
1st division,350
2nd division,250
3rd division,150
non league, 0

Now enter the code for the images you wish to use and do the same for each rank.

This means that a new member would have the rank name of non league until he/she makes 50 post where they will be change to conference and so on.

Admin and moderators should be set as a special rank all others should be set as not special ranks.


Rank images are normally given as:


But you can upload rank images to your forum template images directory and give a path:


Here,s Howtodoit

1. Goto Admin-Panel--Styles Admin--Edit Templates/Logos,, now
Choose Template to Edit for eg..myff_ 1

2. Now you should be looking at

Upload Image now click browse and upload the ranks you want one by one.(FOR XTRA RANK IMAGE REMEMBER TO CLICK THE LANG_ENGLISH LINK FIRST SO YOUR LINK WOULD BE LANG_ENGLISH/YOURIMAGE.GIF) when all done [b]click submit, remember to make a note of each of the images names you have uploaded for eg.. symon.jpg symon1.jpg

3. Now you have done that go to admin-panel- user admin--ranks
Add a new rank or edit one your choice

Now in the path

Rank Image (Relative to phpBB2 root path):
Use this to define a small image associated with the rank

You would add this code


Change the bold bits with your template name and the last bold bit with your rank image name

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This forum is locked: you cannot post, reply to, or edit topics.   This topic is locked: you cannot edit posts or make replies.    howtodoit.myfastforum.org Forum Index » 2. General

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