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Why Is No One Joining My New Forum

One of the biggest mistakes`s a lot of new forum owners make is expecting that their forum will grow with out doing any work to it.

Lets face if i was to rent a shop in oxford street London with a flashy new sign above the door, saying Everything To Do With Computers, then just open the doors with no stock just an empty shell,Then advertise it for free in the paper, how many satisfied customers will i have.

Then start ringing the paper saying why have i not got any customers, i would look rather stupid wouldn`t I.

Now to be a sensible shop owner i would have done my homework worked out where the market is going set up shop make it look nice (but not to flashy after all customer are there to see your stock not your wallpaper and flashy TV screens).
Then with a good stock and foundation set up advertise and then watch the steady stream of new customers walk though the door and return time after time.

Well it is the same with a forum, no one joins an empty forum, and a owner of a forum that just sets up the shell then expects new customers to do all the work are really living in a dream world.

Make your forum, then make enough quality posts (i would suggest at least 50) to attract the eye of new customers, and then give it time at the same time keeping it fresh.
But remember A home page with 50 rooms on it will scare the life out of anyone, to begin with keep it small with quality posts, then as it grows then you can open more areas. Forum Index -> The Most common Question's Answered
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