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Where to add HTML tags

One common question is "i have a code where do i add it" here is howtodoit

All these files can be seen in your view file to edit drop down bar while you are in admin - panel - edit template- then the template you are using.
If you have not made your own template then please read here how to make and edit your own template , Apart from the Forum Footer to enter the forum footer please read here Forum Footer


This is the very top half of the forum (Above the advert banner) and any thing you add will appear on all pages in the forum.


This is the are below the advert banner and above the forum table. anything posted here will only appear on the index(main/home) page.


This is the area at the bottom of your forum below the forum table and above the search banners.
Anything posted here will appear on all pages

Now if you want something to be seen on all pages but you wish it to be below the advert banner in the header then you would have to enter said code in index_body.tpl plus viewforum_body.tpl and view_topic.tpl. Forum Index -> 3. Styles Admin
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