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Below is a guide of how to create nameservers using our free system, some domain name sites allow you to change dns records, this in my opinion is much easier, however some do not , and you have to change your nameservers , then create the records else where.

The site to go to is

First of all you need to create an account.
You can set up a free account , that has limits or subscribe for a full service.

Ok all done you will now see a screen like this.

Here you need to add your new domain name as shown , do not include www. or http://


If done correctly you will now see a screen like below , with the success meassge.

Here you can click on the   Create/edit addresses


This will take you too this screen.

Here you can change the domain`s ip address, you will need to find out what the ip address is for your forum.

Please Use this guide to see how to ping your forum`s ip


Ok that all the done you can now test to see if your domain is being reconsigned around the world, Please still remember that it can take up to 48 hours for the world wide web to see your new name, your neighbour may see it but you still may not it all depends on what dns service your isp uses.


If all is good you should see some nice green messages as shown below, if they appear red then something is either wrong , or the domain name has yet to propagate.

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