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User Permissions - Can they see or admin/moderate forums etc

Admin Panel - User Admin - User Permissions Control

The first screen you will see is the User Permissions Control screen here you can select the username you wish to set permissions to, again if you can not remember how to spell their name, just use the find user button then just type the first letter of their username followed by a * this will bring up a scroll bar with a list of names that begin with that letter, now just click on that persons name.

Now you will be in the User Permissions Control for that member

My best advice here is to first click on the advance mode button this will give you far more options for that member.

If you have a private area that you wish this member to be allowed in find that area then click allow if not leave disallowed showing.

This area is really for setting the rooms you wish a moderator to be a mod of by using the scroll bar by each area you can set them to be not a moderator or is a moderator.

You can also make them have admin powers here by clicking on the scroll bar at the top left hand corner and change it from User to Admin Forum Index -> 4. User
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