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1. Please only submit YOUR own guides, please do not copy other peoples work. If you see an open source guide on the net , then please add a curtsey link to that guide.

2. You must be prepared to answer any questions that people may have on your guides, and be prepared to alter your guide.

3. Follow the same guide structure that is all ready in place on HOWTODOIT, so you must

(a) make the guides in as simple terms and as easy to follow , this will help all users to follow.
(b) please provide pictures to help your guide.
(ONLY use the attach image link to post your pictures, No offsite pictures will be allowed.
(3) highlight all relevant parts and sub headings.
(4) If your codes are very long please use the spoiler button
(5) all codes should be entered using the code button.
(6) NO text talk or slang, Only post guides written in plain English.

4. No advertising your forums on here.

5. If a guide you follow does not work, or you find it hard to follow , then please

(A) do not be rude or  sarcastic.

(b) Post your problem in clear English and not just it does not work.

(c) Post any screenshots to the problem that may help the submitter see the problem.

(6) . The management will except no liability to any problems that occur to your forum while you follow the user submitted guides. The community will endeavour to help you solve the issue, however this can not be guaranteed

(7). Only questions that may be posted are for the hacks in this section. Any other question on the hacks in the other sections must be asked on the support forum.

(Cool We reserve the right to alter , remove, update any guides.

(9) No questions must be asked, answered via PM , all questions must be on the open forum.

(10) Problem posters will be banned. Forum Index -> Rules of the forum.
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