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Portal Settings

This area will take over from the old options area in the control panel.

All the portals that are available And have been released by Admin are listed here click on each one to edit them for EG Birthday. You still may have to edit the .tpl see bottom of this guide.

You can also add new ones for yourself by simply clicking on the open box icon named Blank

Now you should see this screen

All you need to do is change the Name and if you wish the title the title will appear above the portal box now click submit.

Now to edit this portal and to add your code Or to edit an existing portal code you need to follow the old route of going to

admin-panel -- 3. Styles --- Edit Templates/Logos -----

Now click on the template you are using if you have not made your own template then please follow this guide HERE

Now look at the bottom for

Choose Portal template File to Edit

By using the drop down bar find the portal .tpl that you just created. Forum Index -> 3. Styles Admin
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