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Playing safe with your forum descriptions

People constantly mess up their admin access with fancy html in forum descriptions, they also need to allow a load of html tags to allow the fancy features Sad

It doesn't have to be that way! The better way is:

In the forum description you can put :


<div id="test1">

In the footer html in the owner control panel put.


<script language="javascript" type="text/javascript">
function divWrite(ID,parentID,sText) {
 if (document.layers) {
   var oLayer;
     oLayer = eval('document.' + parentID + '.document.' + ID + '.document');
     oLayer = document.layers[ID].document;
 else if (parseInt(navigator.appVersion)>=5&&navigator.
appName=="Netscape") {
   document.getElementById(ID).innerHTML = sText;
 else if (document.all) document.all[ID].innerHTML = sText

divWrite("test1",null,"<p>embedded code</p>");

The "embedded code" bit is what you change to what you want to write.
use as many divWrites as you like. You will need to use \ in front of quotes in the desired code. Forum Index -> The Most common Question's Answered
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