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No Support Via Pms Why ?

The reason for this is simple.

Myfreeforum has probably the best support forum there is for free forums, it has been made this way by public posting.

If you have a problem and ask for help via PM then all help is secret thus no one else can see the solution.
However if all support questions are asked in public then it helps others that may be having the same problem , also other members may have the answers as they have experienced the same problem.

It benefits us all by keep the support forum public and all support questions in the open.

Admin and the Moderators will not answer PM,s For support.

The only time you should Use the Pm system is if asked to by Admin Or the Moderators Or if Sending Admin a password that has been requested.

The support forum is successful not only thought the hard work of both Admin and moderators alike but by the dedicated members that like to assist as well.

Please help keep it this way. Forum Index -> The Most common Question's Answered
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