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admin panel -- 1. Forums --- Management

This is the place to set up new areas of your forum to delete and to edit.

When you first start off you will have just the standard test forum, you can delete or edit this here.

Screen One

To start a new forum just type what you want the new area to be called and click on Create new category now you have to create a room so name it what you please then click on the Create New Forum

Now you will be taken to the General Forum Settings page from here you can name the area and you can type a brief description or for the more adventurous you can add HTML codes for chat boxes radios or even a pic this will be discussed later.

Category this is were you decide where you want this area to be in if you have only just started you may have only one choice.

Forum status This gives you the choice of having the area locked or open. locked normally means they can read post but not reply or post in that area.

Increment user posts If you do not wish members post to count to there post counts in this area then click this box

Auto-pruning to be honest is best left as it is, this feature enables you to auto delete old post, but if you set it wrong you may find half you're forum goes with out warning.

Now you have An area and a room for your posts.

Also from here you can move areas up and down to appear in the order you wish them to be. Forum Index -> 1.Forums
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