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Admin Panel - User Admin - Management

In this area you can check on all your members profiles.

The first screen you will see is the User Administration screen here you can type in the members name and click Look Up User if you can not remember how they spell their name, then you can click on the Find A UserName this will take you to a popup which then you can enter the first letter followed by the * for example s* this will then list all the user names beginning with that letter just use the scroll bar to find the member you wish to view.

Now you are at the main User Administration screen for the member you wish to view.
Here you can change Usernames (Including Admin,s name) if requested or change password if they wish, but to be honest the only area that you will need to be changing would be the

Special admin-only fields

User is active stops a user form being active

Can send Private Messages
If a this certain member is abusing the P.M system then you can switch off their ability to use P.M`s

Can display avatar
If for some strange reason their avatar's are upsetting you and they keep ignoring request to change it you can stop them from having avatar's here.

Rank Title
This is where you assign them there rank name if they are not admin or mod or a member of a group then just leave it to no special rank.

Delete this user?
This is where you can delete the members account.
Please remember this can not be undone. Forum Index -> 4. User
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