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Please remember to use the Editor account before making any template changes

Second you must have all ready a template you can edit.

If you have not done this please read HOWTODOIT

Ok all that done you now goto Your admin panel --- 3. Styles --- Portal Settings

You will now see a screen that looks like this

If you do not already see a portal named LATEST then (if you do then goto Step 6)

1.Click on the Blank box icon that looks like this

Now you see a screen like this

2.Add LATEST to the name

3.And then what you want in the Title.

4. Click Create New Portal

5. Now goto admin panel --- 3. Styles --- Edit Templates/Logos -- the template you wish to edit (EG myff_howtodoit1)--- Submit

Now look at the bottom in the area marked Choose Portal template File to Edit use the drop down bar and find


And add the following code

<table border="0" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="1" width="100%" class="forumline" align="center">
<!-- BEGIN switch_latest_title -->
   <th colspan="1" width="150" height="25" class="thTop" nowrap="nowrap">{L_COMPONENT_LATEST}</th>
<!-- END switch_latest_title -->

<!-- BEGIN topics_latest -->
   <td class="row1" colspan="1" height="28"><span class="topictitle"><a href="{topics_latest.U_LINK}" class="topictitle">{topics_latest.TOPIC_TITLE}</a></span></td>
<!-- END topics_latest -->
<!-- BEGIN posts_latest -->
   <td class="row1" colspan="1" height="28"><span class="topictitle"><a href="{posts_latest.U_LINK}" class="topictitle">{posts_latest.TOPIC_TITLE}</a></span></td>
   <td valign="top" ><span class="postbody">{posts_latest.MESSAGE}</span></td>
<!-- END posts_latest -->


6.You Can Change The bit below in bold in admin panel --- 3. Styles --- Portal Settings --- LATEST

title=Latest Articles

title= the name you wish to see as the header
count= This is how many you wish to see in the list

return_chars= this is the number of letters that will appear in the boxes anything over this number will be replaced by ---

Now you have done that you have to add


Into cms_index_body.tpl or where ever you wish it to appear Forum Index -> Portal Hacks
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