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Keeping Yourself Safe OnLine

Staying safe online is the biggest thing that you should be concerned about.

Below is a guide courtsey of CodyT07

Staying Safe While Foruming For Members
While visiting and posting on forums can be fun, you have to keep yourself protected too. A few easy ways

  • NEVER post your e-mail address, if you truly have too make the @ sign (ATSIGN). That way spam bots won't pick it up and spam it to no end. An example is Howtodoit(ATSIGN) (note this e-mail does not exist.)
  • Know what to keep private. Your address, telephone, messenger, etc. should be keep private AND NEVER be given out. This day in age please keep those private, why? That is something to ask your parents.
    If someone is requesting that, please contact the administrator immediately. Don't fall for peer pressure and know when to say "NO!" to that person.
  • Watch the downloads. If someone post a download and you are not sure if its safe your not, things you can do
    First- Don't Download it
    Two- Check here and see their analysis of the site
    Three- Don't Download it
    Four- Check the extension, Some commonly dangerous file types have the extensions (.exe, .bat, .pif, .doc, .xls, .scr ) but that is far from all the dangerous types.
    Five- Don't Download it
  • Keep Anti-Virus and Firewall software up to date. These are very important as people can invade your computer or send you a virus.
  • If in doubt ask. Ask a respected admin or moderator about a question concerning your safety.
  • If you feel a forum is dangerous or breaking the MYFF Terms and Conditions please report it on the Support Forum

There are a few good sites that highlight this matter

1. Think You Know

Lets all enjoy the net as the net was intended Forum Index -> Keeping You And Your Forum Safe
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