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Indexpage / my front page component,s

OK so what is indexpage or myfront page.

When you are viewing your forum in the sub portal view (www.) then it looks something like this

The bit highlighted is the frontpage you can change this to show What you wish.


Please remember to use the Editor account before making any template changes

Second you must have all ready a template you can edit.

If you have not done this please read HOWTODOIT

Ok all that done you now goto Your admin panel --- 3. Styles --- Portal Settings

You will now see a screen that looks like this

If you do not already see a portal named FRONTPAGE then (if you do then goto Step 5)

1.Click on the Blank box icon that looks like this

Now you see a screen like this

2.Add FRONTPAGE to the name

3.And then what you want in the Title.

4. Click Create New Portal

5. Now goto admin panel --- 3. Styles --- Edit Templates/Logos -- the template you wish to edit (EG myff_howtodoit1)--- Submit

Now look at the bottom in the area marked Choose Portal template File to Edit use the drop down bar and find[/b]


Now all you have to do is change the

component=my front page component to which one you want to appear.

Say for example you wish your Announcements
to appear there then you would put


So now it looks like this

TOP = The post you have marked with the top flag when editing the first post or starting a new topic.

STICKY = The post that are flagged as stickys on your forum
ANNOUNCE = All Announcements Global and Forum
FORUMANNOUNCE = Post that have been set to announcements in the forum
GLOBALANNOUNCE = The posts that are flagged Global announcements

Flagged = marked or the post that you have made a sticky or announcement

TBA = to be announced Forum Index -> Portal Hacks
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