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Importing an exported myfreeforum to your own system.

If you do buy a forum export to leave the system, you are going to need some basic expertise with mysql databases, and preferably have a tool like phpmyadmin on your system.

The procedure we recommend is.

1) Create a working blank phpbb2 forum, with the table prefix phpbb_ (this is the default)

2) Make a copy of the export file, removing the table defintions and data for the tables phpbb_themes, phpbb_themes_name. These tables contain stuff that will come a cropper if you have installed myfreeforum templates.

3)Also elminate phpbb_config from the export file. But take a note of a few entries here like record_online and board_startdate. You may want to edit these values in later with phpmyadmin.

4) Now import the export file, you may need to zip it first to beat phpmyadmin size limits.

Now in theory your forum should work. You may have issues with user styles if you have not been overiding the userstyle for the forum, but these should pretty much sort themselves out. Forum Index -> Exports, Imports, Advert Free, Domian names
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