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How to add Portals to your forum on the right

You will need to change the portals in the code below to what you want and they can be found here Portal Choices

To Make the portals appear on the right hand side of the index page you'll need to ADD this peice of code into your overall_header.tpl file AT THE BOTTOM

<table width="100%" border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="2">
<td align="left" valign="top">

and the bit below needs to be ADDED into your overall_footer.tpl file AT THE TOP

<td width="125" valign="top" align="center">
{MYFF.ANNOUNCE show_results="topics" link="FORUM"}{MYFF.STICKY show_results="topics" link="FORUM"}{MYFF.TOPPOSTERS}

the 125 width of the portals table needs to stay as it is, to reduce the portals from squashing up the index page of your forum, you can however change them in a trial and error manner, so they are slightly wider.

As you can see I've placed the portal code into a 1 row 2 column table, also you'll notice the table is left open in the headers code and the table closes in the footers code, the reason for this is that the index body automatically gets placed in the left cell with the portal in the right cell.

One last thing what I state above is generally correct and will work on most styles/templates. But no two templates have the exaxt same html structure and so there will be exceptions.

Use the editor user to test the changes before making them the default for your forum. Forum Index -> Portals Explained
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