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How do you make a section Blog viewable

So what is a blog view ?? the first picture below shows a thread in normal forum view, As you can see it has the first post made by the author and all replies right underneath.

Below is a blog view, you can see that the original post is still there with the option of a view/comment button , This button will enable a person to view all replies and also to add a reply. The major difference is you can see under the first post another topic header made by the same author, this is the blog view.

So what's it used for ? this is a good way for an admin to post updates and news so all members can read uninterrupted cometary and yet can still reply.
and still read others comments.

To make a section blog viewable then goto

admin panel -- 1. Forums -- Management -- now click on the section you wish or make a new one and you will see this screen.


Please note there is required a small edit to your viewtopic_body.tpl please see HERE Forum Index -> The Most common Question's Answered
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