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Help I,ve Been Hacked


What you really mean is that one of your CO-Admin or MOD,s is messing about on your forum.

Why do you need so many admin and mods??????????

OK if you are reading this chances are someone has messed your board up, first thing to do is regain control of your forum, you can do this by login in to your forum footer read here
If they have changed the password for the footer try the lost password if that fails email admin with the original details

Next change all passwords that you have told any mod or admin, take away mod or admin power to everyone until you find out who is messing your board up.

Now go to admin panel then log actions and see who is doing the dirty deeds.

And for everyones sake stop screaming i,ve been hacked tell the truth,,"I,ve been stupid enough to allow people to Be mod or admin who i didn't know but because they asked i let them, now they have messed my board up" Forum Index -> The Most common Question's Answered
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