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There are many ways to have games on your site, you can just have links or one of those programs that put a list of games on your site.
However both these ways take you to an outside link and alot of members do not like being taken to a blind link that may contain popups or spyware.

To play games on your site with no outside link use the embed code below and place your url where the http:// is remember you have to allow embed,center in your admin panel - general - configutaion - allow html tags and have allow html tags on in your profile

<center><embed src="http://"width="500" height="375"></center>

You can use a direct link to the game which is called hot linking but some sites do not allow this, and others change the URL every so often.

The best way to do it is to find a file host that allows direct linking then upload it to them and post the URL in the code. Forum Index -> The Most common Question's Answered
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