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Forum Footer - Extras

Ad Network

Sign up for digitalpoints ad network here:

and enable this feature, and links to other sites will appear at the end of each page of your forum. In exchange other sites will link to your forum. This will help get your site noticed by search engines

Enable this feature:
Just tick the box for yes

Number of Ads: 1 2 3 4 5
Again your coice of how many ads will appear in your forum footer

Ad Type: Link Only Text ads Banner and Text ads
You now have the coice of what type of ads you would like

Text Ad Background Color:
You can change the colour of the ads background.
you will need to know hex codes to do this
you can find a guide here

Ad Separator:
You can placeseparator`s between each ad here

Now click on the Simple Features tab

Simple Features

Quick Reply:
Click the box to add a quick reply box to your forum.

Disable default myfreeforum tab icon:
As it says on the tin it disables the defalut tab icon Forum Index -> How to find and use the forum control panel
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