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Edit Web Pages

Edit Web Pages

Ok first off you see this

To make your home page click on Web page home this will give you the index.html (do not change this bit) now follow guide below

To make a test page or any other page then click on webpage

You now see this screen

First you need to give your page a name for example welcome.html do not forget the Page Type must be one of .html, .css, .txt, .xml or .js

Now you must chose how it will look portal forum , default etc again click on the for detailed help.

Visible = if clicked this will leave a link to this page on your links menu or navbar

Make when you paste any code in that area the source button is coloured blue.

When the source button is not blue it is the wysiwyg screen (what you see is what you get)

Once you have pasted your code then click the source button again to see what it will look like.

If you do not have any code then use the wysiwyg screen and you can you th eeditor to help you.

Once you have done and are happy then save

you will find your page at your forums url plus the name of your webpage for example we called this one welcome.html so the url would be (dont click as it is a mde up url)

Part two

Ok once you have made your page and click Edit Web Pages you will see this screen

Clicking on each link does the following

Page name (welocme.html) will take you back to edit screen

Preview = Will show you what the page looks like in your browser

Published = if it shows the image that means you page is open for anyone to see if it shows the

This means the page can not be seen on the internet.

You may use the above if you are editing the file

Order = the order in which the page will show on your links menu

Delete = delete the template Forum Index -> 6. Web Pages
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