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Creating An Editor user

Editing templates can render a forum unusable.
If you are going to edit a template then you must take the following precaution.

Create a new user with admin powers with the name "editor".

To do this just sign up with the name editor (Remember you can use a false email address some thing like editor will do) then log out and sign in as admin and goto Admin panel- user admin - user list - then find the user editor and click on permissions now make him/her admin, by using the drop down bar at the top left, Also you will have to activate this user if you have email activation set . Now sign out and resign in as editor

This user is unique in that they will always see the template/style set in their profile, regardless of "Override user style" being set.

Always! test style changes using this user. If a severe problem occurs, you can always force a logout by clearing cookies.

You will then be able to login as the normal admin user and fix the problem.

It is also a good idea when editing to use copy and paste to save a working copy of a file on your own PC.

This whole area is for advanced users only. will only support you by overwriting an edited style with a working style if you get yourself in a mess!

You must not make edits that prevent the adverts showing with normal prominence. If it is found you have done this, your forum will be suspended, and you will be charged for reinstatement. Forum Index -> HowToDoit
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