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Can I Have My Own Domain Name

Yes you can have your own domain, but first a word of warning!

Some people make the mistake of getting "their own domain" using a so called free domain service that redirects to a myfreeforum forum.

This approach is deeply flawed on a number of levels.

1) There will almost certainly be heavy advertising used which will put off users (not everyone has a popup blocker), even if a free domain does not start off with unpleasant advertising, you can be sure it will happen eventually. Remember there is no such thing as a free lunch.
2) The type of redirect used, will create login problems for some users. Your forum stores cookies using the correct address of your forum, and hence making that address to the web browser will create difficulties.
3) A consistant address to your forum will help keep it visible with search engines.

4) A short name really isn't that important, people will store the address in their favourites and not have to type it in.

So now for how to properly have your own domain.
Please post before buying a domain, as some very cheap domain deals are unsuitable for this service. As ever you get what you pay for when buying a domain.

There are two options DO NOT do both.

Option 1 Change the  DNS Records

1. If you have DNS access then change the DNS records to point to your forum`s ip address as shown below (remember yours may not look exactly the same.)

You can find the actual address to use in place of
By following this guide

Now you may have to wait up to 48 hours for it to propagate.

Once you see our forum suspended page then you can ask for Admin to map your new domain name in this thread.

Option 2 Changing name servers

Please read this thread

If you can't set nameservers or DNS records, then as we said before, don't buy domains that are too cheap! Reputable companies allow you to control your domain properly!

The waiting game

These changes can still take up to 48 hours to be seen across the internet. So be patient. Sooner or later you will start to see  your domain resolving to our servers. At this point you will not see your forum, but will see our missing/suspended forum page.

The final step

At this point you need to ask us to change this setting to your domain. When you have done this people will have problems logging on to the forum via your old forum link. This is because your forum sets  cookies acording to where your forum believes it is. Forum Index -> Exports, Imports, Advert Free, Domian names
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