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Bounced Email Portal

This portal component will enable the admin to have the choice if they receive Bounced email notifications.

You do not have to install this hack as it is already done for you, all you have to do is set the settings, to suit your needs.

Admin panel --  3 Styles --- Portal Settings -- EmailBounce

You will now see a screen like this.

Now set the settings to your choice.

Receive bounce emails   Yes (you will receive bounced emails as before.) No  (you no longer receive Bounced Emails)
Receive bounced emails report   The  Admin will receive a daily report of bounced emails (if any occur). We recommend you do recieve this report, it is often informative as to malicious action by spammers.
Private message Subject   This will be the subject title to the email sent to the person who owns the bounced email address.
Private message This is th emessage sent to them.

Now click update portal parameters.


If you have click yes to receive bounced emails then nothing will change form the way it use to be.

If you click no to receiving them then you will not be bugged by them again.


Turning them off could mean you have a lot of members joining with fake email accounts, this normally means spammers.

The best thing to do if you turn them off is to receive the one daily email report that will list all the details in one email.

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