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Ban Control

Admin Panel - User Admin - Ban Control

When you click on this it will take you to the Ban Control screen.

OK it should be really a last resort to have to ban a member but every now and again this maybe called for.

Ban one or more specific users

Here you just enter the name`s you wish to ban.

Un-ban one more specific users
This is where you unban a name just click on the name you wish to unban and click submit.

Ban one or more IP addresses or hostnames
This is where you can ban an IP address. BUT please be careful as alot of Internet Sever providers use proxy's, so by banning one IP address you could in fact ban an whole town or area.

Un-ban one or more IP addresses
As it says this is where you unban the IP address just click on the one you no longer wish to ban and press submit.

Ban one or more email addresses
If you are having problems with a certain email address this is place to enter it and ban it, no one using that email address will be able to join or post.

Un-ban one or more email addresses

Again this is the place to unban them just click on the one you no longer want to ban and click submit. Forum Index -> 4. User
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