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Avoiding Hackers

Avoiding Hackers
1.Never post your IP address in a public place. This is like inviting a hacker to your door. Once they know your Internet Protocol address (four numbers divided by periods e.g. 168.320.001.01) they can begin hacking you.

2.Always run your Firewall and Antivirus programs first. Your firewall and antivirus programs should always be running before your computer connects to the Internet. If for some reason you want to turn these programs off, make sure you have first disconnected from the Internet. It is also a very good idea to enable automatic software updates in these programs so they stay up-to-date.

3.When you are not using your computer, disconnect it from the Internet. One of the worst things that can happen is when a hacker breaks into your computer and you don't even know it. To prevent unknown attacks, your computer should be disconnected from the Internet when not in use.
There are various ways to disconnect from the Internet, you could: turn off the computer, put your computer in Windows' Standby mode (Start/Shutdown/Standby), break the Windows' Internet connection, or power down your modem.
Remember that just because your computer screen has gone blank/dark doesn't mean that you have disconnected from the Internet. A blank or dark screen is an indication of power saving mode and does not mean your computer is disconnected from the Internet.
Also, it is not a good idea to pull cables from your modem with the power on, as this could short-out your modem or computer. If you have an external modem and want to turn it off, the best thing to do is to plug the modem into a switched surge protector, and then turn the surge protector off. Forum Index -> General Information
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