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Admin And Moderators

This is what i have read many times

Hello I have just made a new forum please join and if you do i,ll make you moderator or admin Rolling Eyes Rolling Eyes Question Question

Your Admin panel is like your safety deposit box in the bank, no one should have access to it unless you are 100% sure their are trusted.

Do not make moderators mod,s just because they keep bugging you, most people only want to be a moderator for the "title" and "power"

These are my views


A moderator should be someone who is trustworthy beyond doubt, a moderator,s job to me should be.

1. To help promote the site in a good light
2. To help maintain the forum by, deleting offensive post ,moving posts to the correct areas.
3. To be on hand to help normal members with their questions.
4. To have some sort of basic knowledge of what the forum is about.
5. To have some basic knowledge of how the forum works.
6. To be able and ready to do some work on helping the forum to keep moving in the right direction, fresh topics and post and ideas.
7. To be impartial when it comes to members squabbles, and also to not let personal; feelings effect which post they delete and which member they edit.
8. To be polite and happy and welcoming to all new and old members. Forum Index -> Keeping You And Your Forum Safe
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